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CES: RockChip

This was a surprise and a joy. RockChip had more tablets, ereaders, PMPs, an other gadgets than both Marvell and Freescale combined. I mention those 2 companies by name because they’re Rockchip’s direct competition. Like Marvell, RockChip makes CPUs and can help design the entire gadget.

What they had in their booth at CES was a collection of gadgets (tablets, ereaders, PMPs, a netbook), some that were both available for license and some that were currently being sold by a partner. It was a little difficult to find just one gadget, but I did. They had a Kindle clone that is being sold by Newsy, one of their partners in China. It has a 7″ LCD screen and runs Android v2.2. Oh how I want it.

That’s just a taste. The rest will show up later.

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