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Check out my $.99 ebook light

So I was in my local dollar store the other day and I happened across this cheap junky book light. I’ve never bought a book light before because I’m too cheap, so this one appealed to me. And to be honest, I know I’m going to lose it, break it, or the batteries will run out just when I want to use it most.

This one  only cost a buck, and it’s powered by 3 button batteries.  It works okay, and if I ever need to replace it I have a second one still in the plastic.

I checked on Amazon, and the cheapest one I could find started at about $4. I think I got a good deal.

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Donne' Elbert Mills March 20, 2011 um 6:32 pm

Me too! I’ve had mine about three months and its still going strong. I’ve also bought two more as backups. I LOVE it AND the price!

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