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Check out the dual screen phone with no name

Engadget have turned up a beautiful dual screen smart phone prototype. It was developed by a couple of design firms called imerj and Frog Design.

Unfortunately for me, it’s a phone. I’m not interested in it. But you should go check out the demo video. it is a beautiful design that is incredibly thin and when folded it actually has the screens on the outside, not the inside. It’s running on a dual core  TI OMAPs CPU and it has 32GB Flash but no card slot.

The demo was running on ATT, but there was no word on when it will hit the market, how much it will cost, or who will carry it.

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MNielsen June 24, 2011 um 7:13 pm

Nate I am still waiting for someone to make this one :
I will likely never happen but I think the design is truely innovative and would be a good alternative to the larger tablets

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