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Cherrypal’s Max Seybold is so bad…

His ex-wife sued him for fraud!

A couple weeks ago I posted about how I was scammed by Max Seybold and a company called Cherrypal. On Monday one of Max’s other victims contacted me and suggested that I check the court records for Santa Clara County (that’s where the scumbag lives). Oh, boy. You’re not gonna beleive what I found.

First, a recap of my experience.

I was scammed by Max Seybold when his company, Cherrypal, sold me a netbook. He repeatedly lied to me and eventually he ignored my emails. I never got the netbook nor did I get a refund.

But never mind me; the scam he played on me was small potatoes.

I did some digging, and I found the court records  for Santa Clara County. It turns out that "Max Seybold" is only one of his alias. He’s also been sued under the names Wolfgang Max Seybold, Max Wolfgang Seybold, Max W. Seybold, Wolfgang M. Seybold, and probably several others that I haven’t found yet.

I don’t have the full court records, only the bare details. I don’t think that matters, though. He’s listed as a defendant in so many lawsuits that it shows a pattern. He is quite clearly a scammer. Here are some of the more interesting cases:

  • Aok Management (my guess is they were his landlord)
  • Sayer Fausto (a law firm)
  • Credit Suisse
  • Silicon Valley Bank
  • American Express

I skipped a couple cases where his former employees sued him. And please don’t forget his ex-wife; she really did sue him for fraud.

From what I can tell, I don’t think anyone has sued him successfully. He’s obviously a very good attorney.

Folks, I’m going to leave it there (for now). This isn’t a get Max Seybold blog, and TBH I’m enjoying this too much. (*his own wife*) But I will say that this makes me feel better. Max only scammed me out of $120; he took some of his other victims for over $10,000.

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Pat November 2, 2010 um 12:28 pm

What did Max do with your money?

"Silicon Valley CEO Max Seybold sits in the passenger seat of a slate-blue 1972 Ferrari 365 GTC/4 and laughs as Edward Holl kicks the V-12 engine up to 4,000 rpms and blows past a Corolla at double the posted speed limit. 'Now we have success so why can t we enjoy it?' he shouts over the roar."


Alyeene Thomas January 27, 2011 um 6:59 pm

CHERRYPAL/Max Seybold ripped my 8 year old son off!!! My son was awarded a CHERRYPAL for completion of His tutorial program. The computer stopped working. They were going to replace it but MAX SEYBOLD has vanished. He won’t return calls or the computer he promised to replace!!!!! My son is upset because this guy took what my son earned!!!

mario August 24, 2011 um 12:36 pm

Max Seybold is a really bad person, he contact you, promisse you may things until you send to him the money for the computers that he offers, but when you transfer the money he just vanish, so be carefull and dont buy any product from this MF

mario August 24, 2011 um 12:40 pm

please if you know more about other web sites where we can put more infromation about Max Seybold, the MF, for making a movement against this kind of person, please send to me any information in [email protected] by

ben March 2, 2013 um 2:53 am

this is his private email account

[email protected]

honest May 6, 2013 um 6:55 am

this guy is a big scumbag. he scammed us of $1159 in the name of Tabs and Bing4 gadgets.

he asked us to send him the money via western union since the special on these devices that he was selling via cherrypal was ending the friday.(05/01/2012) and as we are in Africa he complied and sebd it through.

he confirmed receiving the money and that was the last time we heard from him. he does not reply our emails, neither does he answer his phone and.

please someone needs to do something about this as this scumbag is going on and on and on.

tomsherman August 28, 2013 um 6:30 pm

scammed me in a way similar he did to honest. told me his credit card accepance ability was down on his site as it was hacked or some such and said in an em you can use your credit card at a later date but you can wire me payment immediately by wire.

as swe all know with a credit card you can get your money back within a certain time. he took my money and did not deliver

ts August 28, 2013 um 7:02 pm

below is the em max used to deceive as described in my previous post

Cherrypal Open Store
Order Number: 1703
Detailed Invoice:
Date Ordered: Saturday 30 January, 2010

The comments for your order are

We ship by USPS

Thank you for choosing Cherrypal.

Due to unusually high web traffic and several hacking attacks we had to close down our credit card processing gateway. We apologize for the inconvenience. We will offer credit card processing on or around Wednesday next week again. Once our new credit card processing gateway is fully operational we will send you an email with instructions.

If you don’t want to wait until Wednesday we can offer you two other payment options today, personal check and Western Union.

If you choose Western Union here are the instructions:

(1) Please send the TOTAL invoice US$ amount (including shipping) to:
Max Seybold, Palo Alto, CA 94303, USA
comment: Cherrypal, please add order number
If you don’t know your nearest Western Union office just visit
(2) Once you have made your payment please email transaction number (MTCN) to [email protected]

If you decide to pay by personal check and live within the United States please make your check payable to:
Cherrypal Max Seybold, 712 Sutter Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94303. Please don’t forget to put your order number on the check.

Thank you for choosing Cherrypal. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to touch base with us.

Your order has been updated to the following status.

New status: Processing

Dmitry Y. August 5, 2016 um 10:22 am

Hey everyone! Be careful!!! THE SCAMMER !!!! New project of Max is Charlie Social Manager (Chiemo Inc.)! He don’t pay salary developers! Old *beach*!

Dmitry Y. October 12, 2016 um 10:38 am

My proofs work with Max Seybold here:

I don’t have the payments for my work till now.

Aissa Sow January 1, 2017 um 1:38 am

He is a scammer and continues to do so. My London based NGO paid him £4,000 back in 2010 to deliver cherry pal computers to African schools. He took off with the money, served excuses and never delivered or paid back. He should be in jail, tracked down by Interpol! He will pay one day, one way or another.

Nate Hoffelder January 1, 2017 um 7:07 am

Aissa, can you send me an email with more details? I would like to write a follow up post.

Steven November 29, 2017 um 10:28 am

Max Seybold is a total fraud. He was hired by a company I work for. Within a short time he almost ruined the company. Thank god he got fired. We are still struggeling with all the damage he has done. Same experience as Dmitry.

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