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The Chinese eReader Market hit 300k Units Sold Last Quarter

Analysys International, a Shanghai based market research company, released a few figures this week on the Chinese ebook reader market.

Their data shows that 311,200 ebook readers were sold in China during the second quarter of 2011. Hanvon dominate the market with 64% of sales (by volume), followed by Shanda (13%), Aigo (4%), Teclast (3%) and Newman (1%).

A couple interesting details about the number:

Shanda only launched their ereader late last year and they’ve already gained a sizable market share. The Bambook is a rather odd looking 6″ ereader running on a Marvell CPU, and it apparently has more appeal than I thought.

The other interesting detail is that Chinese ereader market is so small that Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and Sony each sell more devices. (I’d like to add Pandigital and E-Fun to the list but they’ve transitioned to Android tablets so the comparison isn’t apt.) Now that is a tiny market.


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