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Chrome Will Start Blocking Ads on Noncompliant Sites on 15 February

by Ron Amadeo

Back in April Google announced its plans to add an ad-blocking component to Chrome, and now they’ve set a release date.

It turns out that this is less about the end user than about forcing website owners to comply with standards:

In June, we announced Chrome’s plans to support the Better Ads Standards in early 2018. Violations of the Standards are reported to sites via the Ad Experience Report, and site owners can submit their site for re-review once the violations have been fixed. Starting on February 15, in line with the Coalition’s guidelines, Chrome will remove all ads from sites that have a "failing" status in the Ad Experience Report for more than 30 days. All of this information can be found in the Ad Experience Report Help Center, and our product forums are available to help address any questions or feedback.

We look forward to continuing to work with industry bodies to improve the user experience for everyone.

While it is good that Google is going to enforce a minimum standard, it’s still not enough to get this blogger to remove his security plugins. There are still many sites such as TechCrunch that comply with the rules and yet still have really annoying ads that slow down my computer.

So thanks, Google, but I am going to keep blocking ads.

Ars Technica

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Scott Lewis December 20, 2017 um 1:21 pm

Me too. But I don’t run an ad laden website. Always find your use of plugins amusing.

Nate Hoffelder December 30, 2017 um 8:58 am

ads? what ads?

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