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Citia is Now Offering One of Their Condensed eBook Titles Free in iTunes

If you don’t have the time to finish a several hundred page nonfiction book then you might be interested in a new type of ebook which Citia introduced earlier this year, and the free sample ebook app which they released in iTunes a couple days ago.

Citia has taken the idea of Cliff Notes to the next step. They’ve combined expert editors and writers with a cutting edge content platform to create a way to read. Citia’s ebook apps condenses a given title onto virtual index cards, freeing the ebook from the paginated, linear constraints of traditional books.

If you haven’t tried one of these ebooks here is your chance. Citia has released a sampler of What Technology Wants, their debut condensed ebook, in iTunes this week. The sampler includes 15 of the several dozen topic cards found in the full app, and that should be enough to give you an idea about how well Citia’s tech would work for you.

I haven’t tried the ebook myself, but I have been watching the coverage avidly. I happen to love the concept for this particular type of condensed ebook, though I’m not sure whether Citia will be able to scale their production from a single title to dozens of titles.

I like the idea because I looked at my reading habits and I know that I usually don’t finish nonfiction books. I don’t know about you but I have several unfinished nonfiction books next to my bed, and even though I keep planning to go back to them I know I will not. I don’t really have the time during the day or energy in the evening to finish one of these books – but I might be able to finish the condensed version.

The company launched this June to much fanfare and a single title in their stable, and they are working to release more titles from publishing partners including Penguin, HarperCollins, and Hachette.


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