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Cloudshelf Reader Epub3 App Released for Android, iOS

Reading app developers Bluefire officially released their new Cloudshelf Reader app last week.

Cloudshelf Reader is a unique reading app designed for niche use cases. While Bluefire Reader is intended to read Epub ebooks from just about any source, Cloudshelf Reader is a closed app with custom DRM that prevents users from adding or removing ebooks.

That may sound crazy, but to put it another way this app is intended to be used where a walled garden won’t be a problem. If you were the IT dept of a corporation that wanted to control access to an internal library of work documents, or if you ran a service that offered subscription access to content, this would be the right app for you.

The high points of its sales pitch include:

  • Accessible by design
  • Advanced DRM
  • Epub3 support
  • Extensive annotation features

I briefly mentioned Cloudshelf Reader last summer in relation to Sony’s DADC ebook DRM. (Cloudshelf Reader is one of several apps that use the DRM. Datalogic is also offering Sony’s DRM as an option in its whitelabel Active Textbook platform. )

You can find the apps in iTunes, Google Play.

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