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Coby Kyros MID7065 Android Tablet Sets a New Standard With Dual-Core CPU, (Almost) Sub-$100 Price Tag

coby-mid7065[1]For the past 3 months I have been predicting that the new standard for a budget 7″ tablet would include a dual-core CPU and a sub-$100 price tag, and today Coby made my prediction come true. The Coby Kyros  MID7065  Android tablet is now up for sale on Amazon with a retail of  $109.

Okay, that’s not quite what I predicted but it comes close enough.

I have not had my hands on this Android tablet, so I can’t speak for its performance, but I must say that I am impressed by the specs. It’s running Android 4.o on a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU with 1GB RAM, 8GB Flash storage, microSD card slot, Wifi, Bluetooth, VGA webcam, g-sensor, and an accelerometer.

The screen resolution is a decent but not cutting edge 1024×600. The weight listed on the spec sheet is 11.84 ounces, or about 2 oz lighter than the KFHD. And the general dimensions are somewhere around the size you’d expect for a 7″ Android tablet.

I admit, this tablet is running an old version of Android, and the camera is probably junk, but this is still probably the most powerful tablet at the price point. It is a sign of what will come later this year, and proof that my prediction will come true.

Update: Doug has pointed out in the comments that the CPU in this tablet could be pretty crappy. I am not so sure that info is valid. It’s based on the specs listed on Amazon and they have been listed incorrect specs before.

I have to say that I am sorely tempted to get this tablet, but my funds are tight this year. If you do buy one, please let me know what you think.



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Doug April 10, 2013 um 6:17 pm

Interesting, but this is a very wimpy AMD x86 processor —

I don’t know how to find comparable benchmarks with an ARM A-9 dual-core. It would be interesting.

The CPU was used in the MSI Windpad 110W, which appears to have flopped —

Nate Hoffelder April 10, 2013 um 6:25 pm

I’m not so sure that is accurate. I The Amazon specs also mention the CPU as an Omaps CPU. I’m going to wait until someone actually checks it.

Doug April 10, 2013 um 8:35 pm

Maybe the CPU is a AM8726-MX Dual core ARM A-9.

Source —

Also —

Thomas April 10, 2013 um 11:47 pm

I’m fairly sure that the Amazon listing has incorrect CPU specs. It doesn’t make much sense to use an x86 processor for an Android device. This site lists it as using an Amlogic Cortex A9 processor.

monopole April 11, 2013 um 7:04 pm

Just got one overnight from Amazon. First impressions, very nice and fast on capacitive screen performance. Installs all the apps I commonly use except crunchyroll.
Netflix runs fine.
FBreader TTS reads with no problem.
Pandora, google play works fine
Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Aldiko apps work splendidly
Angry Birds Works great
Comixology works great
Perfect Viewer works great even with CPU intensive rescaling (Lanczos3 or Bicubic)

GLBenchmark 2.5 is good ~10fps on Egypt HD ~37 on Classic Egypt. Antutu Benchmark 8082.
Antutu indicates an "Amlogic Meson6 g04 customer platform" w/a Mali-400 MP GPU so in all probability a AML8726-MX processor running at 1.2GHz (dual Cortex A9 CPU w/ Dual Mali-400 MP GPU core)

Screen is reasonably vibrant. Build quality is very good (all plastic). Very light. Comes with a nice slipcover. Camera is a cheap VGA cam.

Viewing angles pretty good, some brightness shift but only at appreciable angles from dead on.

Has USB, Mini HDMI, audio ports. Uses a coaxial 5v 2A charger.

I’ve only had it for a few hours with a lot of use so hard to place average battery life.

Will be happy to file a full report in a few days.

My initial take is unless back camera, GPS, or NFC is essential, or you want a hardcore gaming rig (Tegra3 grade) this is a serious contender. In many regards (MicroSD slot, HDMI out) this is what the Nexus 7 "should have been".

This is arguably the point at which the low end hits the "More than Good Enough" level.

monopole April 11, 2013 um 8:19 pm

Further note, connected a 2.1A 5V USB micro USB charger to the micro USB port and it is charging fine. So no need for a non-USB charger

Also probable root from XDA:
Will try when I get home.

monopole April 12, 2013 um 1:29 pm

Further details:
USB OTG works perfectly
Crunchyroll works fine after all
Bluetooth works great both with Speakers and Keyboards
HDMI works great, it does require a few tries at first but no more than the usual
Plex works fine

3d games work perfectly well, tried Shadowgun:Deadzone and Ashphalt 7:Heat both ran exceedingly well Riptide GP did occasionally lock up. FPSE runs great

Battery life is quite good, but not utterly stupendous. Adding a battery manager app would help. A standard 2.1A microUSB charger works perfectly well and charges quickly. The A -Type coaxial plug adaptor charge port is arguably a feature in that you can charge while using the MicroUSB in OTG mode.

Basically this tablet handles everything I throw at it w/ no problem. My only minor "irritation" is the lack of a back facing camera for barcode and QR code scanning especially for using AirDroid.

This is likely to be the 7″ tablet for my small go-bag. In a hotel I could readily hook the TV via hdmi and use a Bluetooth or OTG keyboard mouse.

monopole April 12, 2013 um 1:37 pm

Few other details 32GB MicroSD cards work fine
The processor is definitely a AML8726-MX running at 1.2 GHz
The generic root in the link does not work but does no harm
A variant of this strategy should work
CWM Recovery mode is "Power and Vol+" to turn on

Chris H April 20, 2013 um 12:38 pm

To be clear, the root link that did not work was the Or?

Did you get your 7065 rooted? If so, could you briefly explain how?

Power + Volume + brings up the usual CWM Recovery screen? (i.e. – nothing – like a wipe – is 'automatically' done?)

Thanks for your help and great info!

Doug April 12, 2013 um 6:31 am

Thanks for a great review. Consistent with the early reviews on Amazon. Looks like a very good value.

Jimmy Suggs April 12, 2013 um 4:48 pm

I also got one from Amazon, the 10.1 inch version. I found it to be a fairly enjoyable experience. It’s nice and fast, has easy access to google, a great screen (comics look especially good) and none of the clunkiness that you generally find in cheaper tablets from the past few years. So far, it seems like a great choice for people who want a basic tablet for movies, comics, books and casual games. Anyone looking for a good low end table with access to google play (and zero rooting required) should consider this.

My one complaint about the tablet is the weight. Like most 10 inch tablets- this thing is on the heavier side. It’s not unreasonably heavy, but it ain’t exactly light, either. If you’re planning on using this thing while sitting on the couch (and resting it on your lap) you should be fine. But if you’re planning on using it in bed, get ready to let it rest on your chest a lot, because you won’t be holding this up for too long. And if you do, it’ll be with both hands, cuz there’s no way one would ever cut it. This is my problem with most larger tablets; the tech is just not there to get the weight down yet. Again, the 10.1 inch is no heavier than any competing tablet (in fact I think it’s lighter than many) but it’s still on the heavy side. Having said that, for 208 bucks, I think I can excuse the weight.

Jerry June 23, 2013 um 2:27 pm

I purchased a Coby 7065. Was somewhat unstable from the start, but turning the auto-rotate off helped. It started having a problem with a download
that would not complete. Their call center couldn’t find the solution over the phone. As I only had this a week or so, I should have returned it to vendor
that I purchased it from, but I let them talk me into UPS’ing to them. I sent it on 4-1-13 and after many phone calls to them I finally received a replacement
on 6-19-13. Two and a half months is not good customer service in my mind. A short while before receiving the new replacement I purchased another
tablet, NOT a Coby. It is much more stable and battery life is three times the Coby. There will be no more Coby’s in my future.

Melinda March 31, 2014 um 1:41 am

My Coby Kyros 7″ tablet is not charging at all. I have kept it on the charger for 3 hours and even with it plugged in it still won’t come on just pops on the screen a dead battery, what should I do?

Nate Hoffelder March 31, 2014 um 7:08 am

It sounds like a hardware failure of some kind. Try a different charger, and then try a different cable. If it still won’t charge then the problem is in the tablet. Do you still have the details on the warranty?

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