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Comedian Pranks Subway Riders With Ridiculous Book Covers

prank book cover subwayThe hot dudes reading Instagram account shows that there is always someone checking out book covers on the Subway, and prankster Scott Rogowsky has turned that to his advantage.

He’s printed a number of eyebrow-raising book covers and taken them on the subway just to see how people would react. While Rogowsky sat reading  Slut-Shaming Your Baby or If I Did It: How I Would Have Done 9-11, he secretly recorded the reactions of commuters.

As you had probably guessed, the other passengers simply could not believe these books exist, let alone that someone would read them on the train. The reactions ranged from shocked to amused, with a fair number of subjects pulling out a smartphone so they could snap a photo and share it online.


Of all the fake covers, my favorite would have to be Getting Away with Murder for Dummies.

Do you see one you like?

Twisted Sifter

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Seth W. April 8, 2016 um 8:39 pm

Mein Kamp for Kids. I want a copy of that cover!

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