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Comixology Expands DRM-Free Offerings With Second Wave of Publishers

comixology mobilePleased with the response to their DRM-free comics offerings, Comixology announced today that they were expanding the selection of DRM-free comics.

Fourteen comics publishers, including DW Publishing, Valiant, Oni Press, Fantagraphic, Aspen Comics, Action Lab, Th3rd World Studios, A Wave Blue World, Blind Ferret, Caliber Comics, Creative Impulse, Devil?s Due, GT Labs Comics, and Kingstone, are following the 6 publishers who helped Comixology launch the DRM-free offering just over 2 months ago.

Announced at San Diego Comicon in early July, the DRM-free option had reportedly been one of the most requested features from readers. "We do this ‘Ask Us Anything’ — we have done it for many years — and inevitably, a question every year is, ‘Why is there DRM on my book? I want to own it,’" said Comixology CEO David Steinberger. He continued: "My answer has always been that it is more important to get all the publishers on board than to do DRM-free."

He added, "It’s just the right time. Image started offering DRM-free, Top Shelf been doing it for a while — I just felt like I couldn’t sit up here and answer that question any more with a straight face."

Thes 14 publishers are  joining Image Comics, Dynamite, Zenescop, MonkeyBrain Comics, Thrillbent, and Top Shelf in offering their readers the option of downloading a DRM-free PDF or CBZ "backup" copy of their purchases.

Comixology describes the DRM-free versions as backups because they’d much rather have readers stay in the Comixology apps, and because these are the plain vanilla version of the comics, which lack the guided view and other bonus features found in the Comixology app.

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