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comiXology Now Offers Gift Cards

Got a comics ComiXology-Comics-Appgeek in your life, and want to tempt them over to the dark digital side? Leading digital comics retailer comiXology now offers gift cards.

The digital comics market has been lagging far behind other ebook markets for the past few years but comiXology has just taken a step to catch up. They’re now selling gift cards in denominations ranging from $10 to $500 which can be redeemed at

ComiXology has been letting customers give titles as gifts for a couple years now, and it’s good to see their gifting program expand into a much needed way. All 40 thousand comic and graphic novel titles can be bought with the new cards, which have no expiration date or hidden fees. Check out the comiXology website for more details about giving and getting a gift card.

And if comics don’t interest the recipient, Amazon, Apple, Google, and most other content stores offer gift cards of one type or another. Most can be purchased and given online.



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