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Comparison Video: Old Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage, & New Paperwhite

First-hand reports of Amazon’s newest Kindle Paperwhite are still few and far between, but I have a treat for you.

Len Edgerly of The Kindle Chronicles podcast is one of a lucky handful of bloggers to get an early review unit, and yesterday he posted a video which shows the differences between the existing Paperwhite, the new one, and the Voyage.

The new Paperwhite looks essentially identical to the older model, but under the hood it has the same 300ppi screen as on the Kindle Voyage. The new Paperwhite also has twice the RAM (512MB) and 4GB internal storage (same as on the older model).

So how do they compare? Watch the video and find out.

As you know from past press coverage, the new Paperwhite looks almost identical to the previous two models. The only obvious difference is that the first-gen model says Kindle on the back (the later two models say Amazon).  The only obvious difference between the two newer Paperwhites (2013, 2015) is that the model shipping later this month has the Kindle name on the front in black ink.

The new Paperwhite costs $139, and ships at the end of June.


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dave June 19, 2015 um 2:10 pm

Great comparison video – the better formatting alone makes the PW3 stand out from the PW2. I wonder if the PW2 will get a software upgrade to at least share in that feature?

DavidW June 20, 2015 um 12:53 pm

The PW2, Voyage and Kindle 7 will all receive the same firmware update before the summer is out.

christian June 19, 2015 um 3:54 pm

Thank you for your video .
I will buy a new Kindle Voyage and sell my "old " paperwhite 2 .
At least , the Voyage is available in France !!!!
Just perfect for reading The Martian

Have a nice day
christian , France

Ingo Lembcke June 20, 2015 um 6:56 am

I would like to see a Voyage 2 with more memory, and the new font and new firmware on also older devices (Touch, PW1, PW2, Voyage) – which I think will come.
Also some things that work in the USA, but not in Germany (yet):
Goodreads access from the Kindle and Clipboard in the Webbrowser.
Currently I will stick with my PW1 and Voyage.

Mary June 20, 2015 um 8:41 am

The new Paperwhite is $139 without ads on the lock screen, but $119 with the ads. If anyone is waffling between the two, order the one with ads and see how it flies with you. If it is annoying, go to Manage your Content and Devices to remove it, and you will be charged the extra $20 at that time. My Fire HD 6 came with ads and so far still has them on the lock screen; it does not annoy me in the least.

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