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Conn., Texas still investigating Agency Pricing

Earlier this week the first class-action lawsuit was filed against Apple and the Agency 5. it took just over a year, but someone finally decided to defend the interests of the consumer.

I don’t know about you, but that lawsuit made me wonder what had happened to the 2 state investigation that I recalled from last year (CT, TX). I couldn’t find any new info online, so I contact the Attorney General’s office for both Texas and Connecticut and asked for an update.

So what’s the status? Well, I don’t really know. For obvious reasons the Connecticut State Attorney General’s office does not discuss ongoing investigations. But the spokesman did confirm that an investigation was going on, which is itself an interesting detail.  “Our investigation is very active and the publishers have been cooperative in that regard.”

I also followed up on the report that Texas had started investigating the Agency 5.  I can’t even get them to confirm there is an investigation, much less comment on it. I’m going to take take that as a confirmation that the investigation isn’t finished yet.

To be honest, I had expected this to be resolved by now.  Clearly I had underestimated the speed of the wheels of justice. (It was also a little silly to expect these investigations to be over when I expect the lawsuit to be alive and well  6 years from now.)

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