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Could iriver be in talks with Google Books?

I just came across a rather interesting story, but I’m not sure yet that I believe it.

ET News (a Korean tech site) are reporting that iriver and Google are negotiating to integrate Google Books with iriver’s newest ereader, the iriver Story HD. At least, that’s what the English language site says, and if you pull up the Korean version of this article and feed it through Google translate, it says pretty much the same thing.

So the iriver Story HD could be the first ereader to buy ebooks from Google from the device. Interesting. I’m holding this as a rumor at the moment, at least until more news leaks out. First, it might not happen. And second, ET News might not have the facts quite right. Also, this deal might cover the PD titles scanned by Google, not the Google ebookstore.

But it would be great if it’s true. The iriver Story HD is iriver’s latest ereader, the one that’s not quite on the market yet. It is a Kindle clone with a unique high resolution epaper screen (6″, 1024×768). I’ve been dying to get my hands on it, but it’s probably never going to hit the US market.

But if Google and iriver do sign this deal, then the Story HD will show up in the US soonish. Google Books isn’t available in many places yet.

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