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Couple Accused of Stealing $10k in Textbooks from College Bookstore

A pair of thieves have been arrested on the charge of stealing $10,000 worth of textbooks from Fayetteville Technical Community College, which is located in North Carolina.

Brandy Marie Yarbrough is not enrolled at Fayetteville Technical Community College. Ms. Yarbrough was charged several months ago with stealing approximately $10,000 worth of textbooks from the college’s bookstore. A review of video surveillance tapes show Ms. Yarbrough and an accomplice entering the bookstore on several occasions, hiding textbooks on their persons and in oversized bags, and leaving the bookstore without paying. The college understands Ms. Yarbrough is currently jailed in Cumberland County and faces similar misdemeanor charges in Wake and Johnston counties. Since the theft, additional security measures have been implemented and staff have been trained to be more vigilant.

Both Yarbrough and her accomplice, 25-year-old Chad Allen, are in jail awaiting trial.

There’s no word yet on whether either of the stolen textbooks have been recovered.

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