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Dasung Paperlike 3 E-ink Monitor Now Selling on Indiegogo for $900

The Chinese monitor maker Dasung is now selling its 4th-general monitor, the Paperlike 3, on Indiegogo, for $900. This started out a crowd-funding campaign, but it is already fully funded so we might as well call it a sale with a delivery date in July.

The Paperlike 3 is also known as the Paperlike HD. I’ve had one since Friday, and I can tell you that there is a huge improvement over the last model (I have one of those, too).

It’s not just that the Paperlike 3 has a higher resolution screen (2200 x 1600) but also that its drivers are more sophisticated. (In fact, you don’t actually have to install the drivers any more.) With the last model I shared detailed tips on how to get the most out of the hardware by changing system settings in Windows and tweaking apps.

The new model doesn’t require as much effort, and in part this is because you can change the contrast on the monitor itself (you can easily change the contrast setting when you switch apps). But after a weekend’s use, I have concluded that the tips would still be useful to a longtime user, however.

At $900, the Paperlike 3 is considerably more expensive than its closest comeptitor, the Onyx Boox Max ereader. But it is also a much better monitor than Onyx’s ereader.

I think it’s worth the cost.


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somename June 8, 2018 um 8:12 am

A pity, that the functionality is unnecessarily limited to the cable-connected monitor functionality.

Adrian August 10, 2018 um 9:39 am

Can someone from the US help me with some information on customs and import duty tax when buying from China and importing into the US.
How much will these be for the $900 Paperlike 3 ?

Bill September 4, 2018 um 1:13 pm

Does the Paperlike 3 have a reflective glass panel above the E-ink display? That was one of the gripes against the Paperlike Pro.

Nate Hoffelder September 4, 2018 um 2:47 pm

No, it doesn’t – and are you sure the Pl Pro had that glass layer? I’m nor seeing it on the one on my desk.

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