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Dell launches Chromebook, Win8 Laptop for Educational Market

Ever interested in the lucrative 1:1 market, Dell launched a pair of laptops yesterday (to compliment its new Windows and Android tablets). The new Chromebook 11 and Latitude 11 Education Edition feature 11.6″ screens, ruggedized designs,and optional touchscreens.

Both laptops are built for the educational market, but they’ll be available for anyone to buy.



The Lattitude 11 runs Windows 8.1 while the Chromebook 11 runs Chrome. Both laptops have a dual-core 2.1GHz Intel Celeron N2840 Bay Trail CPU and have the same general case but they have differing amounts of RAM and storage. Microsoft reports that the Lattitude 11 will have 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. Other sources say that the Chromebook 11 will have 2GB and 16GB internal storage

While I can’t find specifics I would expect that both laptops will have a camera, Wifi, and the expected number of ports. And since these laptops were designed for constant use by kids, their ruggedized designs include a MIL-STD 810G tested case for pressure, temperature, shock, and vibration resistance, Gorilla Glass screens, and a sealed keyboard and touchpad for spill protection.

Dell’s new Chromebook 11 was supposed to launch yesterday for $250 and up, but I’m still finding the older model on Dell’s website. The Latitude 11 is going to launch 3 March and cost $299 and up (sans touchscreen). The touchscreen model will be available in late June.

The Latitude 11 is going to cost $240 less than the Latitude 13 Education Edition, which launched last March and featured many of the same design elements: a rugged shell, Gorilla Glass, and rubber trim.

Dell via Liliputing

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