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Delta still doesn’t have their screens in mass production

Digitimes have an update on the perennially not yet released ereaders from Delta Electronic. They’re ready to begin volume production of the screen components in a number of sizes: 4″, 8″, 13″ and even a 21-inch size.

The screen tech that Delta Electronic are working on was originally developed by Bridgestone. Delta were supposed to be the production partner, only they haven’t produced much.

According to Digitimes, Delta are  interested in targeting niche product applications, including industrial applications, frozen warehouses and out-door signage. Delta are at Computex once again, and they still don’t have a device on the market.

Did you know that Delta were supposed to have an ereader out in July of last year? I wonder what happened to it. I saw a pre-production sample at CES, but I never heard if it was actually released.

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