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Did Qualcomm try to pull something funny with the Mirasol display?

I stopped by the Qualcomm booth earlier and I think there’s something funny going on. They have a new demo unit for the Mirasol, which is reason enough to go. They also changed the video running on it. Do you know the demo video I found a few days ago? It was running on the floor model.

I’m sure you’re amused by the recursive promotion, but that video wasn’t supposed to run on that hardware.You have to see it in person to notice, but the video looked very grainy. The previous demo video running on the Mirasol demo unit looked a lot better.

I believe they started using the new video in order to confuse the issue after the Pocketbook Mirasol was delayed. The other reason I believe this is that the same demo video was running on the 30″ LCD TV next to the Mirasol demo unit.

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Mike Cane January 9, 2011 um 7:59 pm

So, what did you think of the screen in person? Hs it improved since last time or what? One guy shaded it and it turned brown like an old calculator LCD.

Nate the great January 9, 2011 um 8:13 pm

I only saw it with the bad video so I can’t really say if they improved the screen.

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