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Digg’s Google Reader Replacement Will be Called "Reader" (video)

life after Google readerDigg CEO Andrew McLaughlin was at a conference earlier this week at Internet Week New York, and he dropped a few hints about the Google Reader replacement that Digg has been working on. Digg’s news reader is going to simply be called Reader, and it will be integrated into Digg’s existing platform rather and will not be a separate app.

McLaughlin participated in a panel at Internet Week New York called “Life After Google Reader”, and his co-panelists included Bloglovin CEO Mattias Swenson and Buzzfeed’s Rob Fishman. The video is worth watching for its own sake, but most of the specific details about Digg Reader can be found starting at about 22 minutes in to the video:

McLaughlin reiterates that Digg is going to target the hard-core user, and not the social reader. He added that Digg is “aiming to build something that’s very clean, very simple, and very fast". He also mentions that Digg Reader could incorporate a ranking algorithm to help users scan the top stories and move on.

McLaughlin also indicated that Digg is expecting to launch Digg Reader by June. The new service was moved onto production servers this past Monday and Digg Reader should be available to users by the end of June.

Going by what McLaughlin says in the video, it sounds like Digg Reader will be available in a web browser, on Android, and on the iPhone and iPad at launch.



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