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Don’t Update Your Nook!

Barnes & Noble starting pushing out an unannounced new update for the original Nook yesterday, and there’s a problem. A number of users have reported some serious bugs with the v1.6 update, and about an hour ago the bugs were confirmed by B&N:

Thank you so much for all of your thorough posts about the issues you are experiencing with the v1.6 update and your device microSD card. You have been very helpful as our teams research this issue.

Our engineering team has identified that if you have an external microSD card that is 4GB and greater, the v1.6 software will only recognize 242 MB of the card. Similarly, the library will not display some or all of the sideloaded eBooks or music that were on the card.

Our team is working to correct this issue and we’ll let you know once we have more information.?

Okay, it sucks that this happened, but I have to give B&N credit for releasing an update for an ebook reader that they killed a couple weeks ago. That was nice of them.

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Doug June 9, 2011 um 2:25 pm

I don’t think "it’s nice of them" at all to, without warning, push out an update that contains no bug fixes and no new features — "no visible change" is the official wording — but which disables a significant feature of the device.

Nobody outside of B&N knew this update was coming. It was a total surprise to NOOK owners when their NOOKs suddenly started doing an update. It was an unpleasant surprise when the update was finished and all of the content they had on their micro-SD cards was no longer reachable. (It wasn’t erased; the NOOK just can’t read the card any more.)

B&N has announced that no more updates are planned for the NOOK 1st Edition. (We can hope there will be one to fix the micro-SD card issue, though.)

If they were "nice", B&N would fix the list of known bugs going back over a year, including at least four that were introduced in the 1.5 release half a year ago. But no, B&N doesn’t fix bugs. They just create more.

B&N’s not being nice; they’re thumbing their noses.

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