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Drablr Wants You to Tell a Story in 100 Words

drablr screenshotA short story can be anywhere up to 20 thousand words, a short-short can have a word count of 1,000, and flash fiction is limited to a mere 300 words (according to one definition). But what do you call a story that is only 100 words long?

The word you are looking for is drabble, and you will find this type of content on Drablr.

This  is a brand new site from Michael Cook, the man behind the EpubBooks search engine. Michael reports that he was inspired by a newsletter that sometimes includes 100 word short stories:

From this came the inspiration for – a self-publishing platform for 100-word (micro) fiction, similar in functionality to Twitter and Tumblr. The project is still young, and very much in the Beta phase, so for the moment only invited authors can post Drabbles. Still, anyone can sign up, read Drabbles, vote, comment, and follow authors.

There’s plenty of features still to be added, but why not come along, sign up, and enjoy some great fiction while they’re still hot.

The site currently only has 5 authors submitting stories, and it offers a simple layout which focuses on the content:

drablr screenshot

As you can see in the screenshot, regular users can submit comments and rate stories. Given that there are only 18 drabbles on the site it won’t take you long to work your way through the content, but I wouldn’t give up on the site; this is a very new site and more content will be added as time goes by.



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