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Draft2Digital Now Distributes to Amazon

Draft2Digital just announced on their blog that they have secured a deal to distribute ebooks to Amazon.

Authors who distribute through D2D can now check the right box and get their ebooks sent to Amazon as well.

Starting right now, Amazon joins the ranks of Draft2Digital’s elite list of eBook distribution channels, worldwide—alongside Apple iBooks, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble, just to name a few! Now you have a one-stop-shop for reaching the biggest and most popular eBook retailers on the planet.

Adding Your Books is Easy

The next time you log in, you’ll be able to add your books on Step 4 of the publishing process. Just edit your book and use the navigation at the top of the page to click directly over to Step 4, Publishing.

You’ll want to make sure your books are not already listed in KDP—books that are double-listed will be rejected by Amazon.

As always, whether you opt into Amazon or not is entirely up to you!

We Make “Making Things Easy” Look Easy

Just to sum this up, if you opt in you’re getting:

  • Distribution to Amazon
  • All your books sales and royalties reported in one place, with our beautiful, powerful, easy-to-read reporting tools
  • Amazing customer support for all your books, including those distributed on Amazon!

That last one may actually be the biggest news of all.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

Adding Amazon is something we’ve wanted to do for our authors for quite a while, and we’re very happy and excited about what this will mean, going forward! There are a few key differences between distributing to Amazon through Draft2Digital, versus distributing direct to Kindle Direct Publishing:

  • Pre-orders—You may still set up pre-orders with most of D2D’s digital stores, but at this time we are unable to support pre-orders through Amazon. Pre-orders will continue to work the same as they always have with other D2D distribution channels, where they are allowed.
  • Minimum Pricing— If you set your book’s price to free, it will be submitted to Amazon for 99 cents. Amazon may price-match to free, to bring prices in line with other vendors.
  • No KDP Select Participation—Amazon’s KDP Select offers certain benefits to authors who opt to distribute exclusively to Amazon. D2D, by its nature, is a wide-distribution platform. If you opt to include your book in Amazon via Draft2Digital’s distribution, you will not be eligible to participate in Amazon’s KDP Select benefits. This includes the KDP Global Fund, which pays authors by page read. If you distribute to Amazon through D2D, you will be paid a royalty only on book sales, and will not be paid for page reads.
  • Double-listing—Amazon, like all eBook retailers, prohibits double-listing your book. If you are already distributing your book through Amazon’s KDP program, you’ll need to de-list the book before distributing through Draft2Digital. This may mean losing reviews and sales ranking on Amazon, under some conditions.

As with all of D2D’s distribution channels, you are not required to distribute to Amazon through us. You may opt in or opt out at will.



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Carmen Webster Buxton November 7, 2017 um 11:23 am

Hmmm. D2D is a lot like Smashwords but Smashwords always said that unless your book sold really well, they couldn’t get it onto Amazon. I think it had to do with Amazon’s "batch loading" programming. So does this mean Smashwords will start offering Amazon as an outlet?

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