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E-ink and Canatu Announce a 6.3″ Flexible Touch E-ink Display for Wearables

polyeraPolyera thrilled geeks everywhere when they first revealed the Wove last August. This wearable features a long and flexible E-ink screen, and is designed to wrap and unwrap from around your wrist.

Now E-ink is making it easier for other companies to launch competing designs. The screen tech company announced yesterday that it had partnered with touchscreen maker Canatu to develop a new 6.3″ E-ink panel.

Measuring just over an inch wide and six inches long, the new panel is flexible, ultra-thin, and has a screen resolution of 200 x 1040 (or about 168 ppi). E-ink expects the new screen panel to be ideal for wearable applications such as bracelets and other wrist-worn devices, and E-ink has also announced a 3rd-party SDK which will help product developers achieve a faster time to market.

They have not, however, released any photos. (The lead photo shows the Polyera screen.)

"The wearable market demands robust and durable materials and solutions. We are working with E Ink in several projects and as we share a united understanding of what high performance represents, we have teamed up to make a reference product we are sure will be a great success", say VP Marketing and Sales, Erkki Soininen from Canatu.

The new E-ink panel is expected to ship to developers in July; products which use the screen will of course come along much later.

Polyera, on the other hand, expects to ship their wearable this year.



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vicente June 3, 2016 um 2:02 pm

I am expecting markets release a new ereader with flexible screen. After my M92 broke itself its weak screen, I don’t think to buy another device with such a f****** technology… >:(

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