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E-ink is Beta-Testing Electronic Window Tint (video)

Tinted windows are great – they give you privacy and limit the amount of sunlight which can penetrate. But they are not so great when lighting is bad.

Luckily for us, E-ink is working on a solution. Mike Cane just pointed me to a demo video where E-ink shows off their Just Tint technology.

That is a cool trick, but I am not sure we’re going to see widespread adoption. For one thing, in most cases curtains and blinds will work just fine while costing a lot less.

The good news, however, is that there is already similar tech in the market. I found tech from a competing company called Smart Tint which can be retrofitted to existing glass, or added during construction. They can design a window tint in any number of colors, and are reportedly already shipping.

Clearly this is an established market, which means that one company or another could license E-ink’s tech, and bring it to market.

Would you use it if you could?

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Disgusting Dude November 21, 2020 um 4:13 pm

It is light valve tech that is well understood, cheap to build, and can be built in massive sheets/panels very cheap.
And a totally transparent version is commercially available in TVs.
(Where it’s really a stunt but it shows how mature thin and transparent LCD substrate tech is.)

So the tech exists.
The market for it? Not so much.

Disgusting Dude November 21, 2020 um 4:13 pm

Oh yeah:—-take-a-look/ss-BB18FLKu

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