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E-ink, QuirkLogic Launch the 42″ Quilla Display

In August I brought you the sad news that there was no possible way to buy a device with a 32″ E-ink screen; they simply weren’t in commercial production. Now it looks like we might soon be able to buy an even larger E-ink display.

E-ink has just announced that they have developed a 42-inch display. It sports a resolution of 2880 x 2160, and is going to be used in an upcoming eWriter device, the QuirkLogic Quilla.

QuirkLogic calls the Quilla an eWriter, but it’s really more of a digital whiteboard. It’s going to be shown off at CES 2016 this week, where we will hopefully see reps standing in front of it, drawing diagrams, making lists, and showing just how much it can do.

And according to the press email, it’s going to be in the hands of beta testers starting in February and on the market by the second quarter.

Edit: From what we’ve seen so far, it looks pretty cool:

“E Ink continues to deliver innovative products to meet the needs of the digital signage market,” said Harit Doshi, head of Signage Business at E Ink. “The world’s largest ePaper display, which was developed based on customer feedback, will enable E Ink to bring low power signage solutions in large form factors that can truly replace static displays.”

On some levels that’s a nifty piece of tech, but did you look at the specs?

This new screen is based on Pearl E-ink, not Carta, so it’s at least a generation behind. It also has a relatively low screen resolution (86 ppi) that is actually less sharp than the 32″ E-ink screen which was announced 3 years back (but still hasn’t reached the market).

I am not trying to bash E-ink here; I am simply frustrated by not having been able to buy that earlier screen, and I would hate to have that happen again.

Fortunately, the new 42″ screen has a much better chance of showing up in classrooms and offices. QuirkLogic is a startup with a single product, the Quilla. That gives QuirkLogic a greater drive to bring it to market, but on the other hand it also means the Quilla is something of a gamble: Will QuirkLogic get it on the market and sell enough units before their capital runs out?


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Syn January 3, 2017 um 10:35 pm

Am I the only one that rolls their eyes with every announcement E-ink makes? It seems like its more of the same tech, just bigger screen. They haven’t been innovated in quite some time.

Nate Hoffelder January 3, 2017 um 10:41 pm

That’s a good summary, yes.

I mean, larger screens are cool, but they’re really not anything new.

user January 4, 2017 um 5:14 am

42-inch display and resolution of 2880×2160 is more then your current TV.
I’d complain only if there would be more epaper producers.
E Ink is the only one and it’s owned by Gina.

Nate Hoffelder January 4, 2017 um 8:20 am

My current tv is a 15″ laptop. » Quilla, aka Flipchart-Killer: vernetzte 42 Zoll-Schreibtafel auf E-Ink-Basis January 4, 2017 um 5:52 am

[…] (via The Digital Reader) […]

vicente January 4, 2017 um 12:40 pm

Sadly we, e-ink fans, are freakies and there is no enough market for e-reader devices…
I’m expecting a good A4 ereader yet…

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