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E-ink to Launch New Kaleido Screens by Year’s End (Digitimes)

Remember how I told you back in August that Onyx teased a 7.8″ color ereader based on the Boox Nova2?

Well, Digitimes says that the screen unit for that larger ereader is going to ship this year.

E-paper solution provider E Ink Holdings (EIH) plans to launch new colored e-paper solutions based on its second-generation Print Color Technology before year-end 2020, according to industry sources.

The new colored e-paper solutions will target mainly e-book reader and e-notebook applications and will also enable device makers to enlarge the sizes of their products to 8-10 inches instead of the current mainstream 6-inch segment, said the sources.

Due to strong demand for its colored e-paper solutions, the company is currently expanding the backend module capacity at its plant in Yangzhou, China, which will boost its capacity significantly after completion at year-end 2020, the sources said.

In case you were wondering, "Print Color" is the name E-ink uses for the tech that goes into its Kaleido screens (see the E-ink website). The reason that it’s referred to as "second-gen" is because Kaleido screens are the second generation of E-ink screens to use a color filter layer on top of a grayscale screen. (The first-gen screens were the Triton screens.)

Digitimes is not a reliable source, so you should not put a lot of hopes in this. Also, production bugs are unpredictable, and have frequently caused delays to release schedules.

But wouldn’t it be great if it came true?

Can you imagine what it would be like if Onyx or Dasung launched a 13″ E-ink monitor?

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Xavier Basora October 24, 2020 um 5:32 pm


I’d be quite satisfied. A13 inch tablet doubling as a digital notepad would be ideal

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