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Early User Reports Say that Sony’s New Writing Slate is Lightweight & Well-Designed (video)

Sony astoundedSonySoftKB-130516 the world a few days ago when they formally launched the 13.3″ digital writing slate that they had been working on for the past several years. This slate has a flexible screen that was promised to be more durable and lighter than your average ereader, and an early report says that promise is true..

I still haven’t had a chance to get my hands on the new digital writing slate that Sony announced a few days ago, but I did get an email this morning from a contact in Japan. He spent a few minutes with the writing slate yesterday, and he was impressed.

He thought the tablet itself was very light, and he liked the fact that Sony gave the tablet 2 touchscreen technologies (IR and pen-based electromagnetic induction). He reported being able to write notes on one part of the screen while flipping pages on another section of the screen. My source also noted that the touchscreen was "smart enough to ignore your palm when you place it on the screen when you do handwriting".

My source didn’t have time to shoot a video, so here is a report from There’s not much in the way of user reports on how well the slate works but the video does confirm a number of features.

This writing slate is scheduled to enter a pilot program at 3 Japanese universities this Fall.  There’s no solid info yet on when this slate will ever see a commercial release or what it will cost, but I’m sure Sony is working on that as we speak.

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Void May 17, 2013 um 10:59 am

While I very much want this (mostly as a big screen e-reader for working with letter sized PDFs), I am worried about the apparent full page refresh rate in the video.

Slipperyfish May 17, 2013 um 3:14 pm


Screw the refresh rate. That thing would make my life easier.

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