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Earnings Are up at Your Favorite Epaper Screen Company

E-ink Holding, parent company of the screen makers E-ink and Hydis, posted their quarterly earnings earlier this week. E-ink are jokingly referred to as the most profitable screen maker, and this past quarter was no exception.

At a meeting with company investors, E-ink CEO Scott Liu reported that net revenues were NT$2.25 billion (US$74.57 million) during Q3, and that is up 20% over the previous quarter. The year-to-date net income  totaled NT$5.25 billion (up 19% over last year).

Epaper screens account for most of E-ink’s business, with about three-quarters of the revenue coming mostly from the ereader market. Due to the delays Qualcomm have experienced in shipping the Mirasol screen, and the poor production quality of AUOptonics Sipix screen, E-ink has continued to dominate the ereader market, with around a 90% market share.

E-ink announced a few weeks back that they expected to ship between 25 million and 30 million units this year, and that was confirmed at the conference this week. “The figures supported our forecast that growth momentum will build up ahead of Christmas,” Liu said. “Surveys show that more consumers wish to own an ereader. The product is recession-proof because in bad times, people spend more time reading.”

E-ink CEO Scott Liu also said that he expected to see an increase in sales of the FFS screen produced by Hydis. Shipments were modest in the past months, but that will soon change. This screen, which is used in the NookColor and the upcoming Kobo Vox, is one of the 2 best LCD screens on the market. Its only real competitor is the IPS screen, which is used on the Kindle Fire, Blackberry Playbook, and premium tablets.


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