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Ebook Sales have nearly Tripled at John Wiley & Sons

The academic publisher John Wiley & Sons released their quarterly statements today, and the last 3 months saw a phenomenal growth in ebooks.

The data is from the first quarter of their fiscal year 2012, and it covers  July, June, and (I’m assuming) May. Income from ebooks totaled $11,000,000, which is around $7 million more that the same period last year.

Yes, ebook sales nearly tripled. They now account for 11% of revenue for the professional/trade unit at Wiley (vs. 4% in the same quarter of last year). What’s even more surprising is that Wiley reported seeing strong sales growth at both Amazon and iBooks. Yes, iBooks. I guess Apple’s efforts to cripple their ebook competition must be working,

Okay, this isn’t so amazing anymore considering that Pearson, S&S, and Hachette have all reported similarly fantastic growth. Penguin’s most recent numbers peg ebooks at 14% of revenue, Simon & Schuster have reported 15%, and Hachette reported ebook sales having tripled to around 20%.

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