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EbookSticks still going strong in the Netherlands

Last year I came across a Dutch company that was selling ebooks on Flash Drives. I didn’t think much of the idea, and I didn’t think it would last. Apparently I was wrong. 25 thousand of these things have been sold over the past year. While that’s not a vast number, it’s still decent. This is just one of many little gadgets, so it would have been easy for it to get lost in the crowd.

About 110 retailers now carry the flash drives in store, including bookstores and general retailers. You can now choose from 11 different sticks, each with a different selection of titles. The ebooks are DRM-free and come with 5 to 7 titles for 19.95 euros.

If you look at the picture to the left you’ll see why sales are good.  The original stick didn’t come with that case,which probably makes the current stick more appealing.


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Steven C June 21, 2011 um 9:31 am

This is an interesting concept, however I wonder how authors/publishers feel about the DRM free titles running around on thumb drives that can easily be handed around an office/school/house (etc) with no protection.

Nate Hoffelder June 21, 2011 um 9:52 am

If they didn’t like it, they wouldn’t agree to allow it.

fjtorres June 21, 2011 um 12:16 pm

Not all writers/publishers are paranoid or helieve their customers are thieves. 🙂

Sweetpea June 22, 2011 um 2:06 am

25.000 is a lot, considering the amount of (ebook) Dutch readers. I just wish the other idea would really take root: scratch books…

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