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eCampus Confirms My Report That They Have a Virtual Bookstore Contract With UWM

400741510_3829f0fc49_oTwo days ago I broke the news that the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee had awarded a virtual bookstore contract to textbook retailer eCampus, and today eCampus has confirmed my report.

eCampus put out a press release on Wednesday morning that confirms every detail I reported on Monday. eCampus will be running a virtual college bookstore website for UWM, they will be staffing a 3,000 sq.ft kiosk on campus, and they will be offering UWM students free two-day shipping.

There is in fact very little news today that I haven’t already reported on Monday, so I will just link to that older story. It has all the details and background, including a copy of the official contract.

image by bram_souffreau


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