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Ectaco will bring Hanvon’s 9.7″ color E-ink e-reader to US, China in the Fall

Do you recall the Ectaco Jetbook Color i showed you on Tuesday? When i saw it I was told that it was only going to be available in Russia and the Ukraine, and apparently that was wrong.

I just got the press release today and Ectaco will be selling it in the academic market in the US, China and Eastern Europe for the 2011-2012 school year.  The hardware is by Hanvon, but Ectaco will be customizing the software to fit the various markets.

Folks, this could be the first color epaper screen to hit the US market (or any market, actually). It’s a pity they screwed up the announcement; today’s the last day of the trade show.

I’m going to get more pictures and a better video.

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Ivan Go November 3, 2011 um 10:53 am

In Russia at the moment (Nov 3rd) only one web-shop offers this "Color" device. I ordered it three weeks ago. A lady with nice voice called me back next day saying "sorry there is a delay with shipment — device will be available beginning of november". So call them this week to check and "sorry — mid of November". Seems that they just waiting to collect "minimum order size" or just gathering a kind of marketing research data. An the price on the website is still 15.000 Rub (~490$). Sales in US and Europe to be started since Dec.2011. It was nice to get it 2 month before the other world for 500$ but in December — no thanks, 350$ please!

Jetbook Color Shipping Date Delayed Again – The Digital Reader January 23, 2012 um 5:54 pm

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