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eLinea Launches "All the News You Can Read" Subscription Service for €9.99

eLinea[1]The Dutch ebook company eReaders Groep BV announced today that they’ve expanded their news subscription service, eLinea.

This site initially launched in early 2011 with a micro-subscription model. It allowed readers to subscribe to either individual digital magazines and newspapers or subscribe to a particular category, or even subscribe to a single writer and only receive a small amount of content for an even smaller price.

Today eLinea expands the subscription options to include a buffet style plan for 10 euros per month.

Readers can chose from numerous Dutch newspapers, magazines, and news sites including EOS Memo, Psyche & Brein, America Magazine,Fabulous Mama, Boek-delen, Ons Erfdeel, Digital Movie, Railhobby, Filmmagie, Hollandse Hoogte, and many more. The selection is extensive and includes content from more than 70 Dutch news sources, publishers, and even individual authors and poets.

Today’s launch follows an initial pilot test that Elinea conducted earlier this year. That study found that:

A significant number of the test subjects (approximately 75%) indicated that they were willing to pay for items on eLinea, with most people preferring a pre-paid credit or an all-you-can-read subscription. Of the respondents who liked an all-you-can-read subscription, 28% said they would pay up to 5 euros per month, 43% were willing to pay up to 10 euros per month, and 29% indicated that they would pay more than 15 to 30 euros per month for the service. Interestingly enough, about 95% also added (assuming this came through Google Translate correctly) that they would add this new subscription alongside their existing paid subscriptions instead of using it to replace them.

Subscription services for ebooks and related digital content are growing more and more common of late.  Earlier this year Tim Waterstone, the founder the bookstore chain, announced plans to launch Read Petite, which would offer a similar service to eLinea.

That hasn’t happened yet, but ebook subscription services are growing more common. Recently Oyster launched an all you can read service here in the US, following in the footsteps of Madrid-based 24Symbols, Riidr and Mofibo in Denmark, Skoobe in Germany, and others.

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