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Energy Sistem Announced Three New eReaders, Including an Android eReader

1_.V1454425839._Spain’s Energy Sistem is starting the new year off with a bang with the release of three new ereaders. This company has been putting its brand on ereaders for several years now, and they’ve just added a trio of ereaders with medium-resolution Carta E-ink screens to their catalog.

The 3 ereaders range in price from 75 euros to 129 euros making them (roughly) competitors to the basic Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite, which retail for 69 euros and 119 euros, respectively, in Europe.

The Energy eReader Slim HD is a cheap ereader that lacks a touchscreen or Wifi but makes up for it with page turn buttons, a 1024 x 758 resolution Carta E-ink screen, 8GB of storage, and a microSD card slot.

That’s an odd set of trade offs, one which might not appeal to everyone who can afford the 75 euro price tag. Do you think it’s a good value?


If not, the Energy eReader Screenlight HD is basically the same device, only with a frontlight and costing 95 euros. (For that price, I would want at least Wifi or a touchscreen.)

Neither of the cheaper models are worth it, IMO, but the Energy eReader Pro HD is a different case. This device costs considerably more, and it justifies the higher price tag by running Android 4.2 on a 1Ghz dual-core CPU with 512MB RAM, 8GB internal storage (and a microSD card slot).

The Pro HD has the frontlight, touchscreen, and Wifi I would expect from its 129 euro price tag, but it still has the same medium-resolution Carta E-ink screen (1024 x 758 resolution, which is far lower than the Paperwhite’s 300ppi screen).

The Pro HD even has page turn buttons:


So what do you think of the ereaders?

From what I can see, the design of the homescreen suggests that they were made by the Chinese OEM Boyue. This company has a good reputation for decent hardware and software, but I have only encountered their Android ereaders.

I haven’t tried their cheaper ereaders, or heard user reports, so it is impossible to say whether the budget models will be as good.

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Victor February 8, 2016 um 6:54 pm

I have an Energy System ereader! I never thought I would read news form that company here!

Slim HD, Screenlight HD und Pro HD: Energy Sistem stellt 3 neue HD-eReader vor – February 9, 2016 um 12:17 pm

[…] via The Digital Reader […]

DSpider February 9, 2016 um 5:10 pm

Ugly design. Why the buttons? And that logo placement… Ugh.

Nate Hoffelder February 11, 2016 um 7:37 am

Yes, it’s almost as if they let the intern design it.

Táblagépek az osztályban, mesealkalmazás bemutató, új e-könyvolvasók February 14, 2016 um 1:03 pm

[…] A The Digital Reader oldalán olvastuk a hírt, hogy három új e-könyolvasót is kihoz idén a spanyolországi központú Energy Sistem. A készülékek ára 75 és 129 euró között mozog és mindhárom típus Carta E-ink kijelz?t kapott. A legolcsóbb, a Energy eReader Slim HD ugyan nem rendelkezik sem háttérvilágítással, sem érint? kijelz?vel (és wi-fi sincs), viszont legalább jó nagy, 8 Gb-os a tárolóhelye. A 95 eurós Energy eReader Screenlight HD alapvet?en ugyanazt tudja, mint az el?z?, de rendelkezik háttérvilágítással. Érdekesebb eszköz a legdrágább, az Energy eReader Pro HD, ami egy androidot futtató, meglehet?sen kellemes specifikációval rendelkez? e-könyvolvasó. (link) […]

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