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EpubCheck 1.1 now available

Liza Daly of ThreePress Consulting just announced that the latest build of EpubCheck. Some of the improvements include:

  1. Error message generated for valid ISO8601 date [BUG] Dates with timestamps were being incorrectly flagged as invalid.
  2. Checking for unused files which are not in the manifest [ENHANCEMENT] EpubCheck will now issue a warning if files are in the package that are not in the manifest or META-INF.
  3. Existence of files referenced in guide not checked [BUG]
  4. Valildation problems with guide and fragment identifiers [BUG]

FYI: EpubCheck is the officially recognized tool for verifying that an Epub file meets the standard. This is what Apple and others use to accept or deny Epubs to their ebookstores. (Actually, Apple are the only one I can recall that are strict about it.)

You can get it here.

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