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Erotic Novelist Chuck Tingle Launches Breitbart Parody

The most recent news about the president-elect is so absurd that you might think political satire is dead, but Chuck Tingle doesn’t think so.

He’s just launched a new parody site called

Chuck Tingle, whose erotic "Tingler" novels like Pounded in the Butt by My Own Butt transcend mere porn, is also a political activist in his own way. During the election cycle, he released a Bernie Sanders novel and tweeted fact-checks of the debates, coming out against "DOMALD TROMP," who he says is a demon from the void dimension. Now that the void demon is in charge, Tingle has taken a new tack: He’s launched a site called Buttbart.

Buttbart is Tingle’s answer to Breitbart, the popular and controversial news source for the white nationalist alt-right movement. It’s a satire, but not a straightforward parody; it’s a fanciful expansion of Tingle’s previous anti-Trump site, trumpdebatefacts.

The same way Tingle’s books come at real-world issues and questions of metaphysics with a sort of fantastical, magical realism, Buttbart treats Trump the metaphorical crab-demon as literal. The real news is expanded and electrified to the proportions a Tingler requires.

As its tagline says, less ironically than you might think, "WE TAKE THE TRUTH SERIOUSLY."

The site is currently short on content, but the site has just launched.

There are 4 articles on the site, as well as a number of gag headlines like How to Survive on the Flesh of the Living: DonT romp’s Favorite Recipes. Current stories on Buttbart include FBI Finds Irrefutable Link Between Trump’s Presidential Campaign And Northern Bear Devils Above The Frozen Lake and Donald Trump Develops State Of The Art 'Embarrassment Machine' To Create New And Inventive Ways Of Humiliating Himself.

Basically Buttbart is the worst/best of Twitter’s political humor, only without the restrictions of a 140 character limit. It’s the G-rated version of Tingle’s erotica; all the laughs with none of the action. It is a one-person The Onion, only with no filters.

What do you think of the site?


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Chris Meadows January 11, 2017 um 9:47 pm

It’s Chuck Tingle being Chuck Tingle. If you think he’s funny, you’ll think the site is funny. Otherwise, you’ll have no idea WTF everyone is on about.

Personally, I’m not terribly interested in reading the stuff. But given the way he responded when the Sad Puppies tried to drag him into their campaign to troll the Hugos—by turning around and trolling them right back in return—I have to applaud the guy. At the very least, he knows how to do publicity.

Daniel Lavigne February 25, 2017 um 12:24 am shall soon be at wok . . sniffing at the air surrounding Trump’s daily TrumTwits . . . scrubbed / passed while pushing his pompous plops . . . in anger due the descriptive narrative about the "HE who Wants To Be!" when identified as "The White House Whore" . . in charge of Lies etc. . . .

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