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Evernote Launches New Partnership with Moleskine

Yesterday Evernote announced new integration with the budget scanning service 1DollarScan, and today they’ve launched a new partnership with Moleskine. And this isn’t the usual slap a brand on the product kind of deal; on a technical level this is rather cool.

I’m sure you know the name Moleskine. This company designs high quality pens, notebooks, and accessory. I’ve never used one due to the price tag (I like the 15 cent spiral notebooks), but these beautiful notebooks are the go-to choice for creative individuals of all types. And now they’re going to appeal to the creative techie as well.

Moleskine and Evernote have just launched the Evernote Smart Notebook. The Smart Notebook comes in both lined and grid, and they’re designed to work with a new feature which has been added to the latest Evernote iOS app.

The app will of course let you photograph your paper notes and add them to Evernote, which is itself a cool feature (especially when you consider the OCR abilities of Evernote). But there is a limitation to capturing your notes this way; camera angle, lighting, or other issues can distort the notes.

The new notebook improves on the existing feature. The pages of the notebook are covered in a pattern of dots which are design so that the app can use them to correct for the distortion introduced by the camera. This enables you to add a page of notes as a rectangular note and not as a photo.

Pretty cool, huh? But wait, there’s more. Each notebook ships with a set of stickers. After you upload a page of notes, the app will recognize the stickers and instantly associate them with one of your predefined tags. There’s also a set of arrow stickers so you can call attention to specific parts of your note.

The new notebook is scheduled to hit store shelves on the first of October, with a retail price of $30. That price includes a free trial to Evernote Premium. You’ll find a code in the back good for 3 free months of service which gives you greater upload capacity, more sharing options, access to note history, faster image recognition, top priority support, offline notebooks, PIN lock, and more.

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sam Patterson August 26, 2012 um 10:55 am

This is a brilliant next step in bridging pen and paper and digital storage. both and have similar projects

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