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Facebook Updates Paper with New Sharing Options

Facebookpaper 1 rolled out a new update today for their reading app, Paper. It’s still only compatible with the iPhone, but those Facebook users that own Apple’s smartphone are going to luck out.

The Paper app now enables users to share links to the articles they are reading by email, text message, or FB message, and the app also sports a new silent mode (how could it ship without this). The app also now supports more languages, enabling users to create stories in languages that use multi-stage input, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Facebook launched Paper just over a month ago, describing it as "the best personalized newspaper in the world". It offers a simple way to catch up with your friends' FB updates. You swipe your way from one update or story to another, and you can tap on a particular post to view it full screen and then swipe down to close a story. Paper will also let you create a post, send a message, view your notifications, and take care of other common Facebook tasks.

It’s the first product from the team that is now known as Facebook Creative Labs, and it builds on nearly 2 years of work, some of which had been previously revealed as the news feed update from last March.



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