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Fantasista Launches eBookstore on Facebook

Readers havelogo_service[1] long been using Facebook to discover their next book, and thanks to the work of a Japanese ebook startup they will soon be able to buy ebooks there as well.

Fantasista, a Japanese publisher specializing in sports focused manga (or so the covers suggest), has just launched a new ebookstore on Facebook. The store was opened in partnership with mixPaper, a Japanese ebook startup that I have heard about for the first time today.

From what I can read on their website, mixPaper has developed an ecommerce platform for ebooks, and last week they launched that platform on Facebook. Publishers and authors can set up what looks to be a complete ebookstore with everything from payment processing to book listings to delivery.

mixPaper for FaceBook is currently only available in Japanese, but the firm is planning to add support for English  next year.

mixpaper for facebook

According to ITMedia mixPaper’s basic service is free, and it can be used to generate a complete ebookstore from an index page to book listings. When a book is sold, mixPaper takes a 20% commission on the sale. mixPaper also has paid plans that offer more storage space on their servers as well as a paid plan that offers DRM. This is the most expensive, and costs 21,000 yen per month.

Depending on how many copies and titles are sold, mixPaper’s fees could make it more expensive than Gumroad, the minimalist retail platform. Of course, mixPaper does offer more services, and they also offer DRM; Gumroad does not.

mixPaper’s fees start near the same rate as that of EditionGuard, another white label ebookstore platform. EditionGuard does offer DRM but their price structure is different enough that it is difficult to compare costs.

P.S. Does anyone know of other services that enable content stores on Facebook? I can’t recall any.




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