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FBReader Will Soon Deprecate Support for Older Versions of Android

If you have an older Android device and are attached to Russian ebook app FBReader then I have some bad news: You are about to be abandoned.

The developers of FBReader updated the app this week. It was a relatively minor update (which did not, while we are on the topic, include support for FB3), but the changelog caught my eye because it also mentions that the next major release would only support Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich and above:

This minor update of both free and premium versions fixes some syncronisation issues.

Version for Android 3.* is split to a separate package. This package fixes a number of compatibility issues. Android 3.* support will be discontinued after 2.7.* series. FBReader 2.8 will be released for Android 4 and higher only.

It is quite common for developers to drop support for older versions of a platform, and it certainly makes sense to do so.

Luckily for owners of older Android devices, FBReader is still maintaining an older version of the app which still supports Android 2.1. So while you might not have the latest features, you will still have an app to use right until your device kicks the bucket.

image by Richard Jones

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