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FCC Paperwork Confirms Kindle Oasis Has Bluetooth, But No Headphone Jack

it has been just over six months since Amazon launched the Oasis, and just under six months since I brought you the news that it might have Bluetooth. It took me a while, but I can now confirm that the Oasis was tested for Bluetooth before the paperwork was submitted to the FCC.


The embargo on that FCC paperwork expired a few days back, and we can now look at the official internal photos, user manual, and so on.

The two sets of paperwork (one for the 3G unit, the other for the Wifi-only unit) show basically the same device. It’s a lopsided ereader with a small battery, with all the electronics along the one edge. Of course, we knew most of that thanks to the Kindle Oasis owner who opened his unit and took photos.

The chips shown in the internal photos aren’t labeled, so identifying them will involve a lot of guesswork, but one part we won’t have to guess about is the headphone jack which had been mentioned in one of the reports.

I don’t see it in the photos, and it’s not labeled in the diagrams, so at this point it looks like that reference to the headphone jack was just an error in the paperwork, rather than a feature which was dropped from the production units.

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