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Fedex Service is So Terrible That Amazon Has Restricted Third-Party Sellers From Using It

if you have been following me on Twitter, you may have recently heard me complaining about Fedex leaving multiple deliveries out in the rain. In the space of 6 days (9th, 10th, and 14th of December) Fedex abandoned 4 different shipments on my porch in rainy weather with no protection (and that’s not counting the half of a shipment that they lost on the 9th and delivered on the tenth).

Fedex customer service has proven completely indifferent to my complaint, so much so that I have decided to forbid anyone from sending me a package via Fedex.

Now I find I am not the only one experiencing this issue with Fedex. The WSJ reports that Amazon has banned third-party sellers from using Fedex Ground.

Amazon is blocking its third-party sellers from using Fedex’s ground delivery network for Prime shipments, citing a decline in performance heading into the final stretch of the holiday shopping season.

The ban on using FedEx’s Ground and Home services starts this week and will last “until the delivery performance of these ship methods improves,” according to an email Amazon sent Sunday to merchants that was reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

Amazon has stopped using FedEx for its own deliveries in the U.S., but third-party merchants had still been able to use FedEx. Such sellers now account for more than half of the merchandise sold on Amazon’s website, including many items listed as eligible for Prime.

An Amazon spokesman said the policy change is to ensure customers receive their packages on time and the e-commerce company is managing delivery cutoffs so that orders arrive by Christmas. He said the ban is temporary and will be lifted once FedEx service levels improve.

In its email to merchants, Amazon said sellers can use FedEx’s speedier and more expensive Express service for Prime orders or FedEx Ground for non-Prime shipments.

If you have been having a terrible experience with Fedex, you are clearly not alone. Their service is so bad that Amazon has banned its partners from using Fedex Ground.

While that won’t be a significant hit to Fedex’s income, it is a huge and very public slap in the face. Let’s hope it is enough to get Fedex to clean up its act.

image  by planetc1 via Flickr


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Susan B. December 17, 2019 um 3:12 pm

The last FedEx truck that delivered to me had some smaller print on the side of the truck that explained it was a third party contractor. Since companies bully contractors and get them to bear all the costs (no benefits, you are not an employee), the contractor does not care about the reputation of FedEx.

Kit December 17, 2019 um 3:20 pm

I had a problem with a couple things I ordered from Amazon last week; first they said they’d come the next day, and then they said there was a delivery problem, and then they said they weren’t coming at all; they were being returned to Amazon and Amazon was going to give me a refund. It wasn’t a huge deal but it just seemed really weird. Now I’m thinking it must have been a Fedex issue.

Beverly December 17, 2019 um 4:10 pm

Ugh. FedEx lost the iPad I bought for my mother at the beginning of the month…lesson learned there. I got a refund and bought the iPad in the store so that it couldn’t possibly be "lost" again.

Littermate December 17, 2019 um 11:25 pm

Personally I’ve had UPS and USPS both leave packages out unprotected in the rain, and had long delayed delivery from UPS. UPS have delivered to a house down the road. The only problem I’ve had with FedEx is they delivered to the house next door, with whom we have a shared driveway. Then again, I get far more deliveries from UPS and USPS so one would expect more problems, statistically. If you order online then expect problems now and again. I wouldn’t forego the pleasure of online shopping just because of a very few problems.

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Norm December 5, 2020 um 11:27 pm

FedEx needs put out of business as I ordered something on Monday Nov 30th 2020, cyber Monday, it was shipped the next day and was to be delivered the following day Wednesday Dec 2nd. The whole trip from pickup to me is like 90 miles or less or less than a 2 hour drive. Called them Thursday said sorry for the delay see tomorrow, Friday Dec 4th, well no package and then said absolutely guarantee it by Sat the 5th at the latest we are so sorry. Well just got off the phone and again no delivery and saying not sure when I’ll get it so to them I’ll come get it for $50 delivery charge if they’re too incompetent. Said I want paperwork to file a claim for either a damaged package you don’t want to deliver or won’t admit damaged or probably just plain lost. FedEx use to be good now they are a joke should go out of business.

Jon January 4, 2021 um 12:25 am

Completely agree. I am having them Tresspassed off my property. Nothing but a monkey shit fight in the zoo. Good riddance

Kisha January 22, 2021 um 2:47 pm

My package was 2 hours away and was to be delivered that next day. I checked it again and it’s now 5 hours away in another state?! The back tracking makes my brain melt. Sad excuse for a shipping company. I will never ever use fedex again nor will I ever recommend

Jay February 11, 2021 um 8:29 pm

I ordered one small item from Amazon on 2/4/2021 that was prime and either next day or two day delivery, sold by third party. The third party contrary to this requirement by amazon not to use FedX, used FedX and received the item on 2/5/2021 for shipment. Today is 2/11/2021 and no delivery so far. Replied to both amazon and third party, to amazon for why prime delivery was not given as advertised, as of this date no reply. The third party replied with per their info the item was to be delivered on 2/9/2021. Per FedX site item is still setting in Kansas, 2,000 miles away.

James Bomar March 30, 2021 um 11:11 am

I paid $40 for an overnight delivery to Florida from Georgia of a small batch Real estate documents.
8 days later it is delivered and was told they no longer issue partial refund no we’re sorry. FedEx clerk said
nothing can be done. I can do something and never use
FedEx again!!

Steve July 14, 2021 um 11:05 pm

Have had 2 horrible deliveries in just the last 3 weeks,
Fed ex should padlock the doors

Paul Klepper February 23, 2022 um 9:43 pm

FedEx DID NOT DELIVER ON 2/23/2022, AS promised. called, they said they would get it moving, as it was PRIORTY/EXPRESSED. Called latter the same day (2/23/202) the customer rep said in a "terse" manner: "we are going to deliver your package today"!!!! I work for a contractor and if I treated our customers like that, I would be TERMINATED VERY QUICKLY, and my employer would not be in business for very long! FOUR out of five of my last shipments to (the addressee) have been similarly messed up! They even arbitrarily decided to "Smart Post" one of my shipments that was to be FedEx GROUND, until I ARGUED WITH THEM for 45 minutes on the phone at their Perrysburg Ohio facility on Saturday, 7/3/2021 and threatened to contact the sender, which I did. ONLY THEN DID THEY DECIDE TO FedEx ground this shipment, as they were supposed to do in the first place!!!!! They also need to make their "scheduled delivery date honest, instead of LYING AL OF THE TIME!!!!! FedEx is a BIG LIAR and the most DISHONEST SHIPPER THAT I HAVE SEEN, THAT DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE CUSTOMER!!!!! DO NOT, DO NOT USE FedEx, unless you want to go insane and angry!!!

Paul Klepper February 23, 2022 um 9:49 pm

I am so angry right now that I cannot even "write "straight" in my last message!! What I should have said was the rep said:" WE ARE NOT GOING TO DELIVER YOUR PACKAGE TODAY"!!!! THESE PEOPLE DO NOT CARE!!!!!!!!!!! What I should also have said was: If they cannot keep their promise to deliver on 2/23/22, HOW CAN I TRUST them to KEEP THEIR PROMISE TO DELIVEER ON 2/23/22???????

Eric July 31, 2022 um 9:08 pm

Had an order from Amazon shipped fedex tracking claims was delivered but I never got it. I ran tracking number they asked what my street address number was . I told them,they replied that was incorrect. So I asked what number they left my package at,reply we can not tell you that information.

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