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Feedly Brings Back Lifetime Pro Option – Now Costs $299

Feedly hasfeedly revived the much-demanded Lifetime Pro subscription option today but I’m not sure how many people will sign up.

Feedly Pro is the news reader service’s paid option, and it includes a number of features that aren’t available to Feedly’s free users, including article search, premium support, more and better sharing options, and the recently announced speed boost.

The newly relaunched Lifetime option lets Feedly customers use the Pro service for as long as it is around. It was offered briefly when Feedly initially announced their paid service in early August, but was only available to a limited number of customers. Now it is available to all – only at 3 times the price.

I strongly urge everyone not to sign up.

feedly pro

Don’t get me wrong, the Lifetime option was a great deal when it cost $99 back in August, but now that Feedly charges $299 I am not so sure. The Lifetime option now costs more than 6 times what a year’s subscription costs, so in other words Feedly is effectively asking customers to commit to using Feedly’s service for nearly 7 years.

No offense, but I don’t expect the service to be around in 7 years – not in its current form. And even if it is still here I don’t expect very many people will still be using it seven years in. There’s a good chance that most people’s requirements will have changed enough in 7 years that Feedly won’t fill the need anymore.


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cookie October 25, 2013 um 6:07 pm

CanĀ“t argue with that.

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