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Feedly is Now Polling Users About a Premium Service

feedlyIf you are a regular user of this news reader service then this next bit of news comes as no surprise. I just learned today that Feedly has been quietly conducting a poll.

They have been asking registered users about a premium service. The questions include how many feeds do we follow, how much we would be willing to pay, and which features we would want in exchange for our dough.

I’ve just finished the poll, and while I could post the link I think it would be better if I don’t. I suspect that Feedly only wants to hear from active users, not the general public. But I bet the folks behind Feedly are also going to come across this blog post, so let me take this opportunity to beg them for the one feature I desperately need:


The one and only reason I am still using Google Reader is that it offers automatic translation of the several dozen non-English feeds that I follow. It is those feeds as much as anything that keeps me a step ahead of the competition. I don’t know of any other news reader that offers this, and it is the one feature I can’t live without.

I do have an alternative solution, so I will be able to continue to function after the Readerpocalypse, but I do so want Feedly to offer translation from inside the app. That would be the best option for me.

But that’s just what I have seen; what do you think of Feedly?

It’s been some 2 months since Google announced that Google Reader would be shut down, and Feedly is widely considered the most promising replacement. They’ve promised support for hard core users, followed through, and then expanded their vision to include going after users of Flipboard, Zite, and other entertainment style reading apps.

Does it meet your needs for a Google Reader replacement?

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Cookie May 15, 2013 um 4:02 pm

It is okay, but they need to work on improving color contrast and font size for the left hand column. I have tried some of the themes but made little improvement.

Tom Semple May 20, 2013 um 5:45 pm

I don’t use the browser version so I cannot comment on that.

I use the Android app mostly on a tablet, and sometimes the iOS app on my iPod Touch. They seem to have the same functionality. I find I can complete my newsfeed consumption much more efficiently than I was able to do using the Google Reader app on Android.

But I’m baffled by way the Today stream works. There does not seem to be a way to mark everything as 'read'. There used to be an option to do this when you reached the 'bottom' but it has been gone for several updates now.

The All tab does have a 'mark all as read' screen when you read the bottom but all the articles are just listed with little thumbnail images rather than the more magazine-like layout I prefer.

So I usually start with the first folder with unread items and mark as read as I work my way down to other folders. It is a bit more inefficient than using All because each folder has an intro/extro screen to navigate.

I did not get the survey as I have not created a Feedly account yet (I guess).

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