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Findaway World Launches New Bundled eReader Solution for Libraries, Schools

NeRD Device and CaseFindaway World announced the launch of a new hardware program on Tuesday.

Designed to offer schools, businesses, and institutions control over their hardware, Lock is a new ebook reader from the same team that brought you the Playaway mp3 player and the NeRD (Navy eReader Device).

When Findaway World announced the NeRD a few weeks ago, many saw it as a ridiculous product that was overpriced and unnecessarily hampered by security restrictions. The US Navy, on the other hand, saw the NeRD as a way to control how sailors use their equipment, and I am sure that other organizations will agree that the Lock fills a unique need.

Lock is an ereader solution which enables third parties to deliver a custom-curated library of digital content through preloaded and secure ereaders. Lock should prove useful to businesses that want to let employees read documents without being able to copy them. Libraries and schools who already buy and loan out Playaway devices and ebook readers might also see the appeal of an ereader which is protected from patrons and students deleting and adding content.

Specific hardware details on Lock are not available at this time, but I do know that the NeRD had a 6″ E-ink screen, but no Wifi, touchscreen, frontlight, or USB port. The NeRD shipped with 300 titles preloaded.

In addition to the option of loading existing proprietary content onto devices, Lock customers can also choose to preload commercially released or public domain ebooks from a catalog which includes thousands of ebook and audiobook titles spanning best-sellers to classics to professional development and Common Core. Findaway World has contracts with some of the biggest publishers in the world, including Simon & Schuster, Hachette, Penguin Random House, and Harper Collins.

Lock’s preloaded nature and “black box” design eliminates potential misuse and ensures that only approved digital content will be accessible. Lock’s portability also allows easy sharing and distribution, making it the ideal choice for multi-user lending environments, whether in education, government, or enterprise.

For more details, contact Findaway World.





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Valentine May 27, 2014 um 4:46 pm

For organizations maybe. For the rest of us, not likely. The genie is out of the bottle, good like trying to put it back, especially at that price …

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