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First Look at the New ASUS eeePad Transformer Prime

Have you seen Asus' next Android tablet? It’s not out yet, but the eeePad Transformer Prime is promising to be just as droolworthy as its predecessor.

The first early hands on video is now up on Youtube and the Transformer Prime looks as good as I expected. It keeps the 10″ screen found on the current Transformer, but virtually everything else has changed. The Prime is thinner, and it’s running on a quad core Tegra 3 CPU. The rear camera have been upgraded to 8MP and it now has LED flash. The front camera is still 1.2MP, though. Flash is also getting bumped, with the base model now sporting 32GB.

I’m watching the video, and I can see that a number of the ports and slots were moved around but not much else has changed. The Prime still has the HDMI out, microSD card slot,and headphone jack found on the current model. It also has a keyboard component, which is thinner than the one sitting on my desk but not fundamentally different.

Weight is down, but battery life is up. The Prime boasts 18 hours of runtime, compared to the 16 hours on the current Prime (with the keyboard attached). I usually got around 14 hours, which is pretty good for a netbook.

It’s due out in December, with a projected retail of $499. The keyboard costs extra, of course. You can pre-order it now from Best Buy, B&H, GameStop, and Tiger Direct. For Canadian customers, Future Shop and NCIX are accepting pre-orders.

If not for the fact that I am very happy with my eeePad, I would definitely get this one. The current eeePad is both one of the best netbooks and best Android tablets on the market. The next one is bound to be better.


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burger flipper November 28, 2011 um 11:42 am

Love this trend. That’s a very good price and will probably still go down.

Those Best Buy Iconias were hard to resist (but I managed).

I probably won’t be looking to buy a tablet until this time next year, but it looks like there will be some amazing options out there, and for great prices.

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