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First look at the new Thalia Oyo II e-reader

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I happened upon an image today that I suspect is a previously unseen ebook reader, the Thalia Oyo II.

Update: nope, I was wrong.

When Thalia announced the Oyo II a few weeks back they neglected to include a picture. I didn’t think anything of it at the time; companies do this sometimes. And since we were going to see it eventually, I didn’t see the point in bugging Thalia about it. But I did know 2 key details about the Oyo II: It was supposed to look similar to the original Oyo and had the same screen tech.

Today I was writing about bq reader and Neonode and  that brought bq reader’s newest gadget on to my screen again.

The image at left is the MovieStar BQ. Bq reader released it back in June and at the time I noted that it looked incredibly similar to the Thalia Oyo.

Now I think I know why it looks similar. This is the next generation device from the same team that developed the original Oyo. At least, that’s my guess. We won’t know for sure until Thalia release more info.

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