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Fleshbot Launches an Erotica Imprint

fleshbot_fiction[1]The sex-blog Fleshbot has been giving it away for over 9 years and last week they decided to charge for it. They just launched a new publishing imprint.

Fleshbot Fiction has so far added the steamy works of talented authors such as Daisy Danger, William O., Howard Raymond, Louise Lagris, Olivia Glass and Louise Friday, and will post more diverse, fetish-specific stories on a regular basis as the site grows with its audience. The low, fixed price points will encourage customers to discover more new authors and their searing stories.

Fleshbot Fiction is going to publish stories in a number of niches in the erotica genre and it currently has 6 titles on the market. The ebooks are distributed through Smashwords and are priced between $.99 and $2.99. Here’s more from the website:

Fleshbot was launched by Nick Denton’s Gawker Media in 2004. The blog was sold in 2012 to its longtime editor, Lux Alptraum, who continues to run the site.

Alptraum was interviewed by shortly after the imprint launched, and she explained why she expected it to succeed even though Fleshbot Fiction will be deluged by free erotica:

First things first, why start an erotica imprint? How will Fleshbot Fiction be different from what’s already out there?

I should go into this with a small confession: When I consume smut for non-work purposes, it is generally written erotica — and to that end, Fleshbot Fiction is really a project that’s attempting to fill a gap that I, personally, have noticed in the market.

For years, my habit has been to go to free sites like Literotica and scan them for stories that might appeal to my various and sundry erotic interests. These sort of sites have lots of good content, but the truth of the matter is that — as with any free, user-driven content site — it’s often drowned out by poorly crafted work that’s not really worth reading. So finding good content tends to involve sorting through a whole lot of rough in order to find any diamonds.

There is, of course, another option: There’s plenty of well-written, thoughtful smut to be found in erotica anthologies. But these things have never really appealed to me because I’m not particularly interested in spending the higher price for an entire book of stories, especially as those run the risk of being more killer than filler — and no one wants to pay $12 just to read one story they happen to find hot.

So Fleshbot Fiction is attempting to strike a balance between those two extremes. We’re focused on sourcing high-quality, well-written stories that, because they’re e-books, can be sold as single stories for a low price. Readers can know that, at the very least,  the work they’re buying from us is a well-written, well-crafted story, and at 99 cents to $2.99, they know it won’t break the bank.


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